For each bridal couple, a tailor-made program

During the stay, the entire Domaine is at the disposal of the bridal couple.

You can specify your wishes and customize the program yourselves.

These are your special days, and they should be perfect!

We are happy to brainstorm with you and can arrange the following for you:

-Bridal hair and makeup

-Wedding photographer (Englisch-speaking)

-Wedding cake

-Bridal bouquet and flowers





Example 3-day program based on 25 people

Day 1 arrival at 4:00 PM:

The Domaine has already been set in a wedding atmosphere.

You and your guests are welcomed together.

You raise a toast to beautiful wedding days together.

After everyone has freshened up, we gather at the long table and enjoy a delicious pizza table buffet prepared on the smoker.

Day 2 the day of the wedding ceremony:

9:00-10:00 AM

We start this day with a delicious breakfast featuring fresh croissants, crispy bread, and fresh eggs.

A good foundation to prepare for the moment ahead. If desired, the hairdresser and makeup artist will take care of the makeup and bridal hairstyle.

1:30 PM

Finally, the moment has arrived... you can finally put on your beautiful wedding attire.

While French chansons play, everyone takes their seats, waiting for what is to come.

2:30 PM

The ceremony takes place under the romantic canopy, with you as the bridal couple on the graceful, old baroque sofa.

Surrounded by all the guests you hold dear, the ceremony is conducted by the Dutch-speaking officiant from Trouwen in Frankrijk.

3:30 PM

Following the ceremony, during the reception, all guests can congratulate you with popping champagne corks and enjoy typical French macarons or wedding cake.

4:30-6:00 PM

Time for the photo shoot. Along the walnut orchards, the dreamy authentic French streets, or do you want a breathtaking view in the charming villages of Laparade or Nicole.

In the evening, you gather at the long table for a delicious luxury three-course dinner.

Then party until the early hours...

Day 3:

First, of course, enjoy a nice lie-in. Then, you gather again for a delightful brunch.

Enjoy some time by the pool together or play a game of pétanque.

Then at 2:00 PM, it's time to say goodbye.

You head back home. We wave you off, confident that you will never forget these beautiful days!

The rate for this 3-day package is 9850 euros (excluding drinks).